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7 inch touch screen

Open source control system

Easy to customize for 

your research

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Easy to clean

Modular extruder head

Patent pending design

Embedded pump system

+18 hours print time

600 ml capacity

Replaceable cartridges

Up 2k Newton Extrusion force capacity for viscous materials

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Adjustable layer heights

Suggested nozzle range from 18G down to 27G

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Wide Range of Applications

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Functional 3D prints

Swimming soft robots

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Tall & Thin
silicone builds

Tubes and channels


Extended Print

+18 hours


Soft Robotics

No molding required



Print Volume: 400 mm x 400 mm x 250 mm
Printer Dimensions: 740 mm x 711 mm x 711 mm 
Nozzle Size: 18G - 23G (1.0 mm – 0.4 mm ID) interchangeable - can be lowered 
Machine Axis Resolution: X: 0.05 mm, Y:0.03 mm, Z: 0.001 mm
Weight: 40 kg 
Operating voltage: 110-240 V
Suggested Print Speed: 10 mm / s
Print Material: Dragon Skin 10A - VF (New materials can be tested by user)
Shore Hardness: 10A

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